Miranda Moss

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From an early age, drawing, coloring or using that little tin of water colors (with that awful brush) has been a source of pure pleasure for me. A piece of white paper or canvas is an irresistible challenge to capture a person, a moment or a vision.

A lot of things inspire me . . . seeing how other artists interpret something gives me ideas and a challenge—can I do it that well . . . or better? Sometimes I want to do a lot of research before I paint something and other times I want to see what I can imagine . . . without any reference to reality. Just play around with beautiful colors and experiment to see what happens. When I'm in the midst of creating something that turns out better than I had imagined, I am inspired to keep going . . . it's so much fun! I love to make things that people enjoy looking at . . . so I guess, searching for what will surprise and delight both me and other people is my major inspiration.

And, of course, being here on this special island with the mountains, the ocean, the colors, the air, and the serenity—all inviting me try to add to the beauty is awesome.

Available Originals

Alani's Dream
24" x 36", Oil