Spar Street

We all aspire to greatness in our lives and we all struggle with difficulties in bringing our best into being. The purpose of my art is to remind us of our moments of high resolve—to support us, lifting us from the myriad of life's distractions, giving our soul a place for renewal, a place that reverberates with the power of our innermost conviction. This is the passion behind my every creation.

Each piece is meant to serve as an exploration and celebration of the courage it takes to be our authentic self, to take our place in life, to surrender each day to our soul's true calling, to trust, to live wide open—tender and intimate with the world perceived through feeling. For me, being surrounded by these visual statements of intention is an immersion in the magic of being alive, a way of marinating in what it means to love deeply and to be part of making this world a beautiful place to live.

Art has been a driving force behind humanity's every significant transformation. If my art may carry on that tradition, therein lives my joy, my passion, and my purpose.

Available Originals

Making Waves