V Rae

I'm a color junkie. I started mixing at an early age and no amount of intervention curbed the appetite. At first I was okay just painting with primary colors. But when I learned I could mix and trip on all the hues in a rainbow, I was hooked. Call me a dreamer, but I think humanity is endowed with the capacity to weave beautifully diverse tapestries of life. Some people smash atoms, some build bridges, others write, or bake croissants. I paint freestyle expressions—reflections of life from a gift I can neither explain nor contain. It's my thread in the tapestry; a connective thank-you to my creator and neighbors for enriching my life with their gifts. I am still amazed by the flavor of a good Pinot Gris; I blink in wonder at the transplant of a human heart, and awaken each morning joyfully anticipating the birth of new life from my brush.

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